Welcome To Your Public Website Installation of Signup Systems

To begin using all the public website functionality of your Signup Systems installation, you should log into your server with the FTP account setting provided for you. As soon as you log in, if your webmaster is not already familiar with the Signup Systems development model, have him immediately read the "ATTENTION_Readme.txt" file at the root of your FTP account home folder.

This page is named "index_html.html" and is the default page displayed when a directory or root of your website is specified in a URL without a specific file name. Our Zope installation requires that you name your default pages "index_html.html".

To begin creating your page, copy the "standard_template.pt.html" from the root of your FTP account into either your /common/ folder, or into your /www/ folder. Feel free to contact a Signup Systems support member to help you get off to a fast start to enabling our public website features. Also, you can click the links above, such as "Demo," to see some of the features available and to give you an explanation of some of the files and folders you'll find in your FTP root which you can begin using immediately.

Congratulations on your decision to use Signup Systems event management software to run your event enterprise! We look forward to a long and rewarding relationship.

Sincerely, the Signup Systems Team