Contact Us Support Code

If your company plans on using the Referral Program or Campaign Tracking systems available with the Signup Systems software this page should be used to ensure that people contacting you by email or phone are also provided with the information related to which Campaign they belong to and which of your referral program members sent them. This information is stored as "cookies" on their computers.

  • WID - This stands for Web ID and is the contact record ID number for the member who referred the current person trying to contact you.
  • CPID - This stands for Campaign Part ID and relates to the marketing campaign related to this person's arrival on your website.

When your customer support staff take the call or recieve the email, they'll be able to enter the new person's contact info into the database using the referral member's WID and the marketing department's CPID.

Contact Us Example

Below is a list with one or two lines on it. If you have a cpid and/or a wid cookie planted on your browser then you will see two list items. One with your reference number and one with an email address with the Subject already embedded containing the reference number. If you don't have either cookie planted, then only a single line will appear with a standard email "mailto:" link.

Code Sample for displaying CPID & WID for when clients contact you