Referral Program Public Home Page

This page should be used as the home page for marketing your Referral program. The form below is a default form created automatically in the system to allow you to begin signing up people for your Referral Program upon installation of Signup Systems 1.0. There are many scripts in this directory that must remain here for the signup system to work properly and ensure the Referral Program membership records are properly created.

The URL for your "Log In" link to the Referral Members home page should be to "/https/amb/member/". Once you login please look for the instructions near the top of the Referral Program Member's home page describing the many functions of this link.

Use the form below to make yourself an Referral Program Member so you can investigate the pages created for Members only.

Referral Program Signup Form

New Users, please provide your email to proceed:

Existing Users, please log in below:


Referral Program Extras

If you want to display the referring person's name and special referral phrase on any of your public pages, use the following code samples. For instance, if one of your affiliates refers prospects to a specific page on your site that contains a special offer, you could include the following code so that the special offer page mentions the affiliate by name, i.e. "The Special offer made available by Bob Jones", where Bob Jones is the name of the affiliate.

The code below looks for a "wid" cookie to see if the prospect was referred to your site by an affiliate. Our special link tracking technology plants the Web ID of the referring affiliate in the "wid" cookie and we then use this ID to find the first and last name of the affiliate along with their Unique Referral Phrase (if one exists) so that you can display that information on any page controlled by our system.

Determine if "wid" cookie IS NOT present:

Determine if "wid" cookie IS present:

Display the affiliate information:

Please Note: In practice, you will use the first and second Span tags above to display different messages depending on whether or not the prospect was referred and then if the prospect was referred, you'd nest the third Span tag inside the WID present code in order to displaying the referrer's name. In other words, there's no point in trying to display the referrer's name to the prospect if the prospect was not referred.